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Surprise Greeting Card Bundle Monthly Subscription

Surprise Greeting Card Bundle Monthly Subscription

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Welcome to the Surprise Greeting Card Bundle Monthly Subscription, where you will get a monthly dose of happy mail delivered right to your doorstep each month! This subscription offers you a unique and affordable way to spread joy via gorgeous greeting cards!

Each month, you'll receive 6 SURPRISE greeting cards with envelopes. Your designs will include a variety of the greeting cards that are currently listed on my website.

You will receive a bundle of 6 greeting card designs each month-selected at random (usually somewhat coordinated with the time of year). If you would like to actually choose the greeting card designs you receive, I'd recommend checking out this create your own bundle option instead:  click here.

Do you love sending snail mail to your loved ones? Or gifting greeting cards to friends often? Joining the Surprise Greeting Card Bundle Monthly Subscription is a great way to always have beautiful greeting cards to gift on hand-and a different variety each month! 

Joining this surprise subscription also allows you to save on greeting cards! Normally, my cards are either $6 each (sold individually) or $24 for 6 when you create your own bundle. *Allowing for an element of surprise plus a monthly subscription gives you my lowest price available-6 greeting cards for $20, yay!* 

Your greeting cards will arrive in a 6x8 inch flat rigid mailer and sent via USPS First Class Mail.

This is a recurring subscription, meaning that you will be charged each month on the date that you originally signed up. 

You will receive a notification when your subscription has been mailed each month. Please contact me with any questions. 

Please double check your address. The address you sign up with is the address I will mail your subscription to each month. Please email me if you need to change your address:

You may unsubscribe at any time. 

Thank you for allowing me to share my art with you in this unique way!

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