My Story

I am a mixed media abstract painter, focused on spreading joy through art.  I express joy through painting vibrant abstracts, flowers, and inspirational quotes.
I mainly create with acrylic paint, however, I love experimenting and adding pastels, watercolors, oils, and other materials within my paintings to add different textures.

The process of painting is very playful and spontaneous for me.  My paintings involve lots of layering until I feel that the piece is harmonious and bursting with joy.

My husband, dogs and I live in beautiful Western, North Carolina. I just love offering an array of different joyful art products-original paintings, greeting cards, art prints, handmade earrings, vinyl stickers, and more! 

I truly appreciate each step of creating a painting and feel blessed to have the privilege to share with you all!


Want to know more? Here's a little history on how I got started:

Growing up, I would spend hours coloring, painting, and making crafts from anything I could find.  I just loved to create, and still do! 

Creating beautiful art has always been a passion of mine, however, I didn't begin studying fine art seriously until college.  I attended Brevard College with the intentions of becoming a photographer, however, I ended up falling in love with painting all over again instead. 

I concentrated on painting as my major and obtained my K-12 Art teacher license as well as my BA degree in Fine Art.  Working on my teacher license required me to get to know a little bit about all different types of fine art- photography, sculpture, ceramics, graphic design, and art history in addition to painting which proves to be very useful! 

In addition to finding my true passion for painting at Brevard College, I also was blessed to have met my amazing husband at BC as well. With his support as well as all of my family and friends, I am able to pursue my passions and fill the world with my art!