Top 5 Art Supplies You Can't Live Without

Top 5 Art Supplies You Can't Live Without

Now that you’ve learned more about how I became a business owner, teacher, and painter, how about I share my top 5 art supplies I (you!) can’t live without! 

Top 5 Art Supplies You Can't Live Without



I’m a huge fan of trying new art supplies. Whenever I go to a supply store, I make it a point to buy at least 2-3 new things to try. Even if it’s just a new paint color...that’s important, too. 

Let me start by filling you in on a little secret. The most common comment I get on my paintings is “You are such a talented watercolor artist.” and “I love your use of watercolors.” Everyone is just so sweet! Secret is, however...I don’t consider myself to be a watercolor artist. While I do use and love watercolor paints...I really use a bit of everything (and mainly acrylic paints). The majority of my work is created using some sort of combination of acrylic paint, watercolors, water soluble crayons, colored pencils, pastels (both chalk and oil), and more. Mixed media for the win in my studio! 

I’ll make it a point to share more about art supplies with you all on this great new blogging platform, but here’s my current top 5 art supplies I can’t live without:


  1. Neocolors 

These look a lot like crayons, but they are in fact water-soluble wax pastels. I’ll often sketch out my painting with a neocolor rather than pencil because they blend into my paints so well. They’re also a great way to get a quick first layer of color going before you start to really add more definitive, thick paint. These come in a variety of colors (even metallics!) and can be bought as singles at your local art supplies shops or even in nice packs such as this one. If you’re looking for something to add some fresh life to your creative practice, I’d say these might be a good place to start. 

       2. Artist’s Loft Titanium White Acrylic Paint

Believe it or not, white is my most used color in my paintings! I go through it SO quickly. Although Artist’s Loft isn’t particularly my favorite brand of paints, it is affordable. When you go through white paint as fast as I do, it’s important that it’s both quality and suitable for a budget. This white paint in particular is nice and think which mixes very well with other colors (or by itself, straight out of the tube) in order to build layers within your paintings. I’ve tried many brands of white paint and have truly found this particular paint one that I can’t live without! 

       3. Wood Panels

I love painting on any surface (canvas, paper, canvas panel, gesso board, etc) but lately wood panels have been my go-to favorites. These are especially great for mixed media! Remember how I said I often paint using a combination of watercolors, pastels, neocolors, colored pencil, acrylic paints, even brush markers? Well just a little heads up...those materials don’t all work on canvas. Usually, in order for watercolor paints to show up on canvas you have to purchase a specific watercolor canvas. Wood panels, however, allow for so much play and offer so much texture, too! Give them a try if you haven’t already!

        4. Golden Paints

My absolute favorite brand of paints. Not only do they have so many beautiful colors, but their paint is also very pigmented and vibrant. You can definitely tell a difference between Golden Paints and craft brands or student level paint brands. I’ve tried both the fluid paints and heavy body paints and both give excellent results! I especially like to use my Golden Paints during the final layer or two of my work. Yes, Golden Paints are pricey, however, use your Michaels coupons and shop smart. You could also shop this brand at your discount art stores or amazon (as linked above) for a better deal than paying full price. 

        5. Artzea Real Brush Markers 

I have to admit that these markers took me awhile to fall in love with. I really didn’t care for them when I first used them because they aren’t like a typical marker at all. The tip is actually just as described...a real brush. Once you get used to using these like a paint brush rather than a marker, things get a bit easier. The colors are vibrant and they blend/mix perfectly by adding some water or acrylic paint layered on top. I’d recommend these for a first layer of your painting and they’d also be great for on the go creating, too. Such a fun addition to your mixed media art process! 


As you can imagine, it was definitely a challenge to narrow down my art supplies into a top 5 list for you all! There’s SO many worthy options to add to this list, so I’m really hoping to share more about my favorite supplies for my fellow artists on the blog soon. Have you used any of these particular things before? What did you think? Also, I’d be more than happy to answer your questions in the comments below as well. Happy creating! 






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Love your blog and your artwork. Will be looking forward to future additions. ArtistLoft Titanium white is new to me. I have always used gesso as my only white acrylic. One suggestion…..the text is difficult to read. Could it be darkened? Blessings, Marilyn

Marilyn Parigian

Yay!! I’m so excited you shared this! I can’t wait to try Neocolors now! They sound like so much fun! Also, I totally agree that a cheap white paint is a must!

I can’t wait to hear more of your favs! Keep up the awesome work!


Great post! Thank you so much for your Top 5 Supply List! I’m so looking forward to your next Supply List! Thank you!


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