My Favorite Way to Seek Creative Inspiration

My Favorite Way to Seek Creative Inspiration

My favorite way to find inspiration has to be visiting beautiful places and summer  is the perfect time to adventure and do so!



Let me begin this post by stating that I've most certainly had my fair share of creative ruts and tried to push through those and solve them in different ways. It's a tough lesson to learn, but I've realized (especially this year) that "progress is quiet and slow" and "your business and art will not thrive unless you are also thriving." Thanks, Emily Jeffords, for that amazing insight! 


At times, I've tried to work through creative ruts by simply painting through them (even though I don't feel like it and even though I might not love what I'm painting). This can be a necessary solution sometimes, especially when working on a deadline. However, I've found that being outdoors and/or visiting somewhere beautiful and inspiring usually helps the most. These "adventures" can serve as "fuel through less inspiring times" which is oh so helpful. 


I wouldn't necessarily say that I'm currently in a creative rut, but summer can be challenging for me at times. It's my absolute favorite season (hello, flowers and sunshine!) but I'm usually extra busy during the summer and don't always have the time to be creative or adventure or vacation as often as I'd like. 


Don't have the time or money to "vacation" and get away to a beautiful, inspiring place? I love playing tourist in my own town and visiting all the best local spots. It's extra sweet to appreciate your town (or the towns next door). And even if you feel like you've visited those places a thousand times...try to visit them with fresh eyes and an open heart! 


This leads me to the beautiful evening I recently had visiting the Biltmore Estate Gardens. I realize how fortunate it is to live in such a nice region and have this amazing gem of a place near by...I've been there several times but there's just nothing like these magical wildflower fields they've planted this year. 


For the past several years during the summer, they've had sunflowers for miles and I absolutely adored them. This year, however, I've yet to find the sunflowers but found this beautiful variety of blooms instead and I wanted to share them with you all! These are moments that can fuel my creativity through less inspiring times for sure. 


Did I mention I brought a dear friend? Lauren (A Quartzy Life) is a fabulously talented local artist as well and it was a true honor to paint with her alongside the wildflowers. Spending time in conversation about life, faith, creativity, and more is so good for the heart. We packed up our blankets and art supplies, took plenty of pictures and it definitely made for a great evening. I hope you enjoy these inspiration photos! 



My best advice on this topic? Figure out what inspires you most (for me, it's flowers) and seek that out as often as you can! Let's fill our lives with as much beauty and joy as possible, shall we? 



Bethany Joy

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I can really relate to being in a creative rut. It can be challenging to push through those seasons!

Mandy Martin

I see a bee 🐝 on the corner of your painting, and I wonder if it’s a sign from God to you on whatever it is that you are talking about? 😊 (no need to answer, just a thought).


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