Meet the Studio Pups!

Meet the Studio Pups!

Did someone say National Dog Day?! I'm all about that for sure! I thought today would be the perfect day to share a little about our two cuties. 
First of all, I talk about how much I love flowers alllll the time. But rarely do I mention how obsessed I've always been with dogs. When I was little, one of my favorite books was about all the different dog breeds and I studied it like crazy. I had ten dogs picked out that I would have when I was an adult. Golden retriever, border collie, dalmatian, the list goes on. I can remember my dad taking me to the coolest dog show and just being in awe of all that dogs are capable of. And don't get me started on how much I adored my two childhood dogs, Loosie and Dazy. They had my heart! 
So now you know another obsession of mine, and I'm sure obsessed with these two...Mango and Kiwi! You might see pictures of them every once in a while on social media. They're always joining me while I paint and they hang out with me in my studio all the time. They're the best, that's for sure! 

Below you'll find a little extra info about each pup and some pictures, too, of course! 
Meet Kiwi Marie, our sweet girl. She was born one week before Josh and I got married and we got her a few weeks later, right before Thanksgiving. She was just a tiny little fur ball when we got her and we were just so excited to have a puppy. She's sassy and sweet, loves going on walks with me, and is literally obsessed with food. Supposedly, she's part miniature poodle and part Australian Shepard. We're obsessed! 



And meet Mango Bro, our crazy boy. He's most definitely the most fun-loving dog I've ever known. Such a goofy, funny, clumsy boy since the day we got him. So clumsy that he had to wear a cast for a while, too. Mango is a gentle giant who thinks he's a lap dog. One minute you'll find him running around like crazy and the next he's trying to get as close as he can to you for some belly rubs. He's supposedly part Australian Shepard too and part Texas blue heeler. Oh, and we're obsessed with him too of course! 



So happy National Dog Day to all my fellow dog lovers! I could seriously go on and on about all the dogs. I'd love to hear about your furry friends! Comment below or send me a message and tell me about your pets, I'd love to know! If you ask me, pets bring so much extra joy to our lives and that's what we need more of right now, little moments of joy! 


Have a beautiful day! 
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