Recommendations for Framing Artwork!

Recommendations for Framing Artwork!

Today's topic is a fun one...framing! Yay! 


Many of you come to me with questions about how to frame your art prints and original paintings on paper so I wanted to write a new blog post to hopefully help you out!

I get it...there are SO many frame options out there and of course SO many different décor really can get overwhelming! So I wanted help make things a bit easier for you and recommend a few frames that I would personally choose to pair with my art.


I know that with so many options, framing can be a bit intimidating and I don't want that to hold you back from purchasing artwork. Hopefully this makes things a bit easier for you! 


In my opinion...choose a frame that makes the artwork pop and something that goes with your home décor, too, of course! I recently went frame shopping for a photoshoot (at the amazing Waterfall Cottages in Hendersonville, sure to check them out if you're planning a trip to North Carolina...cannot recommend them enough!) and found some fabulous pieces that I'll share pictures of below. I've got specific links for a few of them and links to several other fun frames as well! 


The top three places I shop at the most for frames specifically include Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and TJ Maxx. I'm going to share a list of links at the bottom of this blog post so be sure to keep reading for that! I'm really hoping this post will help you find the perfect frame to highlight, display, and protect your favorite art. 


A few more quick my experience, Michaels and Hobby Lobby have a better wall frame selection, while the TJ Maxx I go to usually has table top frames. In this blog post, I'll mainly be sharing links for wall frames. Currently, I mainly offer 8.5x11 inch prints and a couple of 8x8 inch prints as well. I'm working to expand my print sizes in the future *hopefully* but for now, the frames I'm linking below will work best for these sizes. I've also found that if you have a frame with an 8x10 inch mat, that will usually work for 8.5x11 inch pieces as well thanks to the mat! 


Alright, here's what you probably really came for...the links! Yay! Click the words highlighted in pink to direct you to shop. 

p.s. I am not sponsored and do not receive commission for any of these links, just sharing frames that I know would highlight my art in a lovely way! 


8.5x11 inch gold frame (personally purchased, so affordable!) 

Wooden floating frame perfect for 8x8 inch art (personally purchased and love!)

Thin white frame with wide mat (personally purchased, love it for sure!) 

Cute turquoise frame with mat

8.5x11 inch silver frame

8.5x11 inch white frame 

White floating frame 

Gold frame with wide mat 

Champagne wooden frame with mat 

Rustic wood 8x8 inch frame

Chippy white floating frame similar to the one pictured below (the one in the photo is in stores at Hobby Lobby I believe but this one is very similar!)


I sure hope this post is helpful to you...please reach out if you have any questions or if I can help you in any way! Enjoy :) 








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This is very helpful! Thank you so much!!

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