Add Art to your Style

Add Art to your Style

Today I am SO excited to tell you all about my new tassel necklaces now available! Yep, that’s right…Painted. Canvas. Tassel. Necklaces. These are most definitely my new favorite accessory and it’s always the best to wear handmade, one of a kind pieces am I right?! 


These necklaces started a few weeks ago when I decided to tear a strip of my painted drop cloth and mix it with some of my favorite ribbons to make a fun necklace for myself. I loved it so much, I decided to make one for my sweet mama, too. And she loved it so much that I decided just to post about it on my Instagram stories and started to get lots of requests for them. (Have I told you guys how awesome you are?) 

I’ve always loved creating things of all sorts, not just painting. I grew up as an only child (now I have a fabulous younger half sister) but when I wasn’t outside playing with friends, I was finding little ways to entertain myself...mainly in the form of arts and crafts. Crocheting, jewelry making, sewing, drawing, you name it...I probably know at least the basics of creating it. I’m definitely not a pro jewelry maker, but I do enjoy creating jewelry and thought that these necklaces complimented my paintings perfectly, especially since they’re made with my painted canvases! 

Each necklace consists of:

-Hand Painted Canvas (torn into strips)

-Fabric (torn into strips)

-A variety of ribbons, strings, and lace (differs for each necklace) 

-A variety of colorful beads (differs for each necklace) 


-Antique Bronze Colored Chain (approximately 30 inches)

-Mixed Metal Hardware (clasps, loops, etc)

The necklaces are each unique as the paint colors vary, the fabric patterns vary, there’s a variety of different ribbon combinations and different bead combinations, too. 

A comfortable, light-weight accessory to make any outfit more special and artsy.

There are currently only 12 available, but if this sale goes well I’ll most definitely be making more. I appreciate your support and feedback more than you know!



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