A Painting a Day Recap

A Painting a Day Recap

January sure has been amazing this year! It's usually a month that I dread, however, I wanted to make sure 2020 had a great start. I loved doing a painting a day so much last August and knew it would be the perfect way to start a new decade.



I'll let you in on a little secret...I actually started these paintings in early December 2019, planning to paint 12 and launch them as "The 12 Days of Christmas." As I started painting, I was just having so much fun and couldn't stop. That's a good problem to have for sure! Therefore, I decided to go ahead and paint 31 original 5x7 paintings and save them for January. I sure am glad I did because these have been so much fun to share with you each day this month.




I'm also thankful that I finished all 31 paintings by the end of December, because that allowed me to actually take photos of ALL 31 paintings together! That's something I had wished for the last time I did a 31 day project but wasn't quite prepared for. 




The first day of January was spent with my sweet mama, who is always up for an adventure...especially when it involves taking photos! She's truly a fabulous photographer and I am always so thankful for her. We decided to take all 31 paintings with us to Brevard (my alma mater) to have a little mini photo shoot. 



Now that all 31 paintings have been revealed, I wanted to be sure to share these photos with you! I couldn't be more thankful for all of the amazing support you all have given me throughout my creative journey and throughout this fun 31 day project. The encouragement, likes, shares, kind words, purchases...everything just means the world to me! I definitely consider it an honor for my art to be in your homes. 



And, I've got to admit...I'm definitely not tired of flowers yet (never will be!) and hope you aren't either! I've got several large floral paintings coming to the shop in February! These will be fabulous statement pieces for your walls, stay tuned! 









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You are so amazing and God has gifted you with joyful talent! Thanks for sharing it with the world and with this proud mama everyday!


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