Artist Statement

With a central interest in abstract painting, I choose to focus on color, surface, organic form, and the visual language of paint.  Incorporating flower shapes and other aspects of the natural world help structure my abstract art and communicate something near to my heart.  This relationship with nature, specifically flowers, began in childhood as I learned to garden with my grandfather.  My mother and I always found pleasure in photographing fields of flowers as well, for as long as I can remember.  These sweet memories of flowers, people, and more have captured a piece of my soul and always motivate me.  


As a painter, I enjoy creating my own abstract gardens on the canvas with color in order to communicate vivacity and continual growth.  

Moreover, I strive to express a positive and lively sentiment within my paintings.  The way in which I work involves a plan, however, I allow for spontaneity to play the main role.  This allows me to reach new places of my inner being and bring that liveliness into my paintings.  Color proves to be one of my biggest motivations; therefore, I strive to use unique and bright color tones and pairings including neutrals to introduce dimension and depth. 



Throughout the course of my artistic journey so far, I have found many other artists’ work to be helpful in my own.  Abstract expressionist artists Hans Hoffman and Cy Twombley have provided inspiration for me in structure and texture, while modern abstract artists Flora Bowley, Erin Gregory, Ruth Ava Lyons, and Liu Hung put new twists on both the textural and subject matter of paintings which prove to be most helpful for me in my own work. 


While working in mixed media, acrylic, and oil paints, I continually have a deep desire to highlight the intensity of my paintings through the atmosphere I create. I strive to obtain these qualities by using loose layers, dripped paint, and other textural elements within my paintings.   All of these elements help increase depth in my work and provide a sense of space and mystery.  I feel as though these aspects of painting allow me to express myself in the most appropriate way by communicating energy, movement, vividness, and atmosphere.