Summer Reading List!

Hi sweet friends! 

Hopefully everyone is having such a great summer so far! I've been busy balancing my art business with my art teacher life as the Art Director at our local Boys and Girls Club. We've been doing some fun projects and going on some fun field trips, that's for sure! 

While I've most definitely still been making time for painting (lots of fun new things to come!), I've also made some time this summer for reading as well. I love going outside with a good book and enjoying some relaxation, learning, and win if you ask me! 

For those of you who love to read as well, I've put together a little list of recommendations on my new Amazon influencer page! Each of the books on my list are books that I've read personally and thought you all might enjoy as well (especially fellow artists and creatives). 

The books on this list have inspired or helped me in some way, particularly pertaining to my art and business! If you decide to check any of these books out, let me know what you think! I sure hope you enjoy! I'll be sure to add more as I continue to find more inspirational and helpful books for y'all. Here's the link: Amazon Book Recommendations


book recommendations.jpg



*Amazon Influencer is a fun new way that I'll be able to recommend products to you all. I do make a small percentage of sales at no extra cost to you, but my main hopes are that I'll be able to share things that I love to use, etc. and that those products will be helpful to you as well!