Michaels Stores Feature!

Serious happy dance moments happened this week as Michaels Stores featured a couple of my photos (from my Spring Floral Collection) on their Instagram account AND in an email newsletter too! Talk about a true honor and surprise! 

I’ve been shopping at Michaels for as long as I can remember. In fact, I used to know the layout of where everything was pretty much by heart (they’ve since rearranged which has thrown my game off but I still know the majority of it haha). When Michaels Stores reached out to me and asked if they could feature my photos I literally screamed! Such an exciting opportunity that I wanted to share with you all as well. Here’s a link to the email that went out featuring lots of other fabulous makers and artists as well!

I’m dreaming big for the future of Bethany Joy Art and always so very thankful for everyone’s support!