"How to Share your Joy as a Maker" Preview from the Hook Nook Life Blog Feature!

What a true honor it is to have my blog article featured on the Hook Nook Life Blog! If you've never heard of it, this blog revolves around the maker community and is full of inspiration for creative living, etc.

Jessica, founder, creator and owner of the Hook Nook, has made it her mission for this blog "to be a haven for Makers to solely be uplifted and supported while gaining inspiration to build their confidence in themselves as well as within their chosen craft." When she asked me to write a guest blog post I was just too excited! It took me a while to finally decide what to write, but I think "How to Share your Joy as a Maker" is pretty fitting. :) 

Here's a little excerpt for y'all to enjoy, and be sure to click the link to check out the rest of the post on THNL Blog! 

"“Joy: a feeling of great happiness; a success in doing, finding, or getting something; a source or cause of delight.” I talk about joy a lot. My creative business revolves around joy. Not just because my middle name happens to be Joy, but because I believe in creating joy and sharing that joy with others.

Let’s start with a little backstory. My mom was adopted as a baby by two wonderful parents who wanted her life to be full of joy! Adoption is oh so beautiful, bringing happiness, a sense of wonder and new beginnings to a family. My mom brought my grandparents so much joy, and they set out to fill my mom’s life with the same joy by naming her just that, Carla Joy. Later in life, my mom decided to continue that gift of joy by naming me, Bethany Joy, and I will be forever grateful! Now, it is my mission to extend and pursue this gift through my creative gifts, and I believe you can do the same. How, you may ask? Well, your middle name certainly doesn’t have to be Joy to do this. My personal, joy-filled philosophy is to Gather, Share, and Connect. That’s not to make it sound easy by any means. Creating and sharing joy is a tough yet rewarding job. As makers, artists, and creatives, we have the unique opportunity to express our journey through this process."

Want to learn more specifics on how to gather, share, and connect with your joy? Click this link to read the whole post! Hope y'all enjoy and have a beautiful day! 

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