Custom Painting Openings!

Hi there friends! 

It's only September, however, that leaves us with only about three months til Christmas! (anyone else getting just a little excited?!) I sat down this morning at my paint covered desk to map out my calendar of events, product launches, painting releases, sales, and more for the rest of 2017. Definitely hard to believe! (don't worry...I'll share all upcoming events with you all so soon) 

But the most wonderful time of the year is upon us, indeed. And it's a perfect time to think about gifting custom art for your loved ones (or yourself too, of course). 


Here's all the info you need to know for ordering custom art this season: 

  • There are two listings in my etsy shop for custom art. One for 8x10 inch canvases and one is for 16x20 inch canvases (if you happen to need another size canvas, please don't hesitate to contact me and I'll see what we can work out. These listings will give you a size/pricing reference).  
  • Collectors choosing to have a custom painting made will correspond with me throughout the process as we work together to create your perfect painting!
  • **Please message me before purchasing the listings so that we can make sure it's a great partnership for creating your custom art. I do my best to listen to your hopes during the process, but the painting process will be done within my personal artistic style.**
  • Feel free to share any images, inspiration, pictures of your space, or paint and fabric swatches with me before I begin so that I can create something that best matches your vision. 
  • Custom paintings will take approximately 3-5 weeks to complete, unless otherwise discussed.
  • I will send pictures of your painting half way through the process and ask for your feedback. This is the time to communicate any changes you want to have made. I will also send pictures of your painting before the finished piece is shipped or delivered but minimal changes will be made at this point in the process. 
  • **Please note that I, Bethany Joy, retain all rights to the commissioned artwork. The commissioner has the rights to display their painting in their home or business but may NOT resell or reproduce the artwork without my permission.** 

If you have any further questions about ordering your custom art in time for the holidays, please feel free to contact me! I want to make sure you can have the art of your dreams for your homes!


Looking forward to working with you! 


art for website 2017 5.jpg