Difference Makes Us Etsy Contest!

Hi sweet friends! I know it's been a while since I've posted to my blog, but I promise to start blogging more often. (We just moved into our first house so life has been super busy, but oh so fabulous- more about that soon!)

I wanted to post today about a contest that Etsy is hosting that I'm really excited to enter! I'd love it if you all could take a quick moment and VOTE for my etsy shop for the #differencemakesus contest through this link: https://etsy.wishpond.com/small-business-contest/…/149924577

This contest would be an amazing chance to grow my business in many new ways. It required me to really think about the focus of my business which was a much needed process for the beginning of 2017. Writing about what makes my business set apart from the others for this contest was a great way to reflect on why I create! This is an awesome opportunity to grow my art business and I will be forever grateful for your votes!

Here's the overview (below) of my reflections and responses to this contest but please be sure to click the link to VOTE! Voting only requires the click of a button, your email address, and a verification that you're not a robot. :) And you have until April 6 to VOTE and SHARE with your friends!!! It truly means the world to me.

"Briefly tell us about your business and what makes it different. Details could include how you got started, what makes your business stand out, or how difference has helped your business and others."

The focus of my business Bethany Joy Art is encouraging others. I began my business venture right after graduating from college with Bachelor of Arts and K-12 Teacher Licensure in 2015. I am the Art Director of our local Boys and Girls Club working with children in grades K-7. Art is quickly disappearing from the standards of classrooms, but working with children has shown me the huge need for art in every facet of a developing minds and hearts. Through art at the club, I have been able to encourage kids in tough situations giving them tools to succeed in making their dreams come true! My life goal and primary business goal is to share love and positivity through each paint stroke and to fill homes and lives with fun color, sweet encouragement, and unique florals with the backdrop of paper, canvas, wood, jewelry, etc.

"How would you use the Etsy Small Business Contest money to scale your business in a big way this year?"

Etsy Small Business Contest money would enlarge my platform of sharing positivity and making my dream come true of starting an encouraging online community for creatives. These funds would allow me to invest in the latest technology (photoshop, high-quality printer, etc.), to teach workshops (online and in-person), propelling my business forward to expand my product line (t-shirts, journals, etc.) and opening my art to more markets.

Thank you all so very much!