Studio Tour!

Hi everyone! And welcome to my fun little studio tour! 

I wanted to take a moment to show you some behind the scenes images of where all of my paintings come to life! 

My husband and I share this "hobby" room, so this half of the room has become my little studio space, and half of it is home to his desk, TV and keyboard (I just love it when he plays music while I paint-melt my heart). 

While my space may be very cluttered, it is organized (in my eyes) and very functional! Josh and I built the paint table (pictured above) which allows me to see all of my paints and stay a bit more organized than I usually am. I love having such a unique piece of furniture for my studio that we designed and built together! 

My easel was a sweet birthday gift that I received from my mom and stepdad after I graduated from college! I love how it is portable and has storage as well.  The drawer space in my easel is home to all of my oil paints. Also pictured, you can see a stash of shipping supplies, canvases, and wood panels that are waiting for their turn to be painted and put to use! 

This next image features my beloved desk which was a surprise gift from my mom when I was in the 5th grade. I really didn't appreciate this gift until I was in high school/college, but it has been loved on ever since. And yes, I do attempt to play the banjo hence the "Have you hugged your banjo today?" just makes me smile! 

This half of my space is home to larger paintings in progress and lots of large-scale hand built canvases waiting for their turn!  One day (hopefully soon!), I hope to have a studio with more natural lighting as well, but this window does the trick for now.

Here's a close up of my paint table-full of lots of fun supplies (acrylic paint, craft paint, golden paints, texture tools, paint brushes, pastels, watercolor crayons, etc!) 

I love having so many of my paints hanging up for me to see, and yes...I also use these hooks to dry flowers and lavender. So many uses for this table! 

A close up of my desk top space!

I always love to keep sentimental gifts and pictures as inspiration in my studio. This little chalk board is from my b.f.f. roommate from college! She's just the sweetest. :) 

This corner is home to art from three of my favorite painters- Emily Jeffords, Mae Chevrette, and Susannah Bee!  They fill my studio with a little extra light and inspiration, be sure to check them out. I also painted those sweet hanging hearts (along with many others) to be decor behind the cake table at our wedding! 

Oh, and here's my big ole' stash of fine art prints! Ready to find new forever homes...find your favorite in my etsy shop!

And there you have it, friends! My studio space may be small, but it's where big dreams are beginning to come to life. I'll be sure to keep you all posted on any studio updates as well. Thanks so much for following along on this artistic journey of mine! It means the world to me. XO