Seasoned with Salt Blog Artist Feature

Hey everyone! Today is a special post, and only half the story! I was recently asked by the lovely Laura over at Seasoned with Salt Blog to write a guest post all about my creative journey to becoming an artist. What an honor! Also, a fun challenge to actually sit down and write an article about my path to painting. 

I thought it'd be fun to share the first half of my story here, but you'll have to click the link to visit the amazing, faith and creativity based blog, Seasoned with Salt, to read the rest of my story. This post really came from my heart, and I hope you all will enjoy! Feel free to comment below after you visit Seasoned with Salt and let me know what you thought of the whole thing! 


Hi, friends! I’m Bethany Joy, a painter of color and “joy.”  The feeling of paint on my fingers, wearing my favorite denim paint shirt, squeezing a new tube of paint, watching paint drip down a canvas, even waiting for paint to dry…those things make my heart smile.  But, I didn’t choose painting, at first that is…
As early as kindergarten, I knew that I wanted to be a teacher.  I enthusiastically pretended to be a teacher for my stuffed animals and dogs each day after school.  My mother says she could amusingly discover the details of my day by listening outside my bedroom door while I taught my stuffed animals and my two, very patient, and thanks to me, well-read dogs.  I even had my own white board and legit grade book, and old-school bulletin board décor!  Art was not a prominent part of those younger days, but my closet was fully stocked with every craft supply and tiny treasures in my “making things drawers” for the creative times that I would attempt to re-enact art class.
I do, however, have two distinct memories from my childhood involving paint.  The first painting encounter for me was when my mother placed me, then a young toddler, into my high chair fully surrounded by drop cloths, giving me freedom to explore my creativity with paint.  I eagerly painted, ever so happily with an extra sparkle in my eye.  Another memory that has become more treasured with time since the passing of my granddad, is when “Gaga” handed me one of his paint brushes to help him paint the shed he that had so proudly built, as he lovingly and proudly winked and whispered in my ear, “don’t tell your mother”!
Through the years art was fun to me, although more of just a simple hobby.  In high school, even though I passed on taking art classes, it was during my senior year that I wondered if art could be incorporated with my dream of becoming a teacher.
Through all the college applications and interviews, I was awarded the NC Teaching Fellows Scholarship and accepted into UNC Asheville.  I thought I now had everything set in place to officially pursue my lifelong dream.  Just for the heck of it though, my mom suggested we take a closer look at Brevard College, the smallest, most unique, outdoorsy and artsy school ever. Within moments of the short campus tour, I realized this was the perfect college for me.  I walked over to my mom with tears in my eyes (I knew there was no possible way we could afford tuition), and told her this is where I had to be.
My tuition was prayerfully covered by a miracle scholarship, and so my journey began…as a photographer/teacher!  Yep, I thought I’d choose photography as my art concentration.  Classes entailed learning all the ins and outs of the dark room and film photography, and somehow, I managed to ruin almost every roll of film.  Super frustrating!
Thankfully, program requirements meant that I was to try all fundamentals of art, and so I enrolled in my first official painting class.  And boy, was the classroom setting beautiful!  The studio was filled with white walls and floor-to-ceiling windows giving half of the studio a beautiful view overlooking our campus creek.  Talk about creative inspiration!.....

Okay guys! That's where I'm leaving off and leading you to read the rest on Seasoned with Salt Blog! Let me know if you read the rest, I promise you won't be disappointed. Much love and many thanks to Seasoned with Salt Blog and all of my sweet friends, family, and supporters! xo