5 Tips for Busy Artists

Hey guys!  It's summertime, my favorite!  Summer means life is even busier for me than other seasons usually, however, so I thought this would be the perfect time to share my top 5 tips for busy artists. 

As many of you know, in addition to my art business, I work as the art director for our local Boys and Girls Club.  Teaching art and helping my students find inspiration daily is definitely a huge passion of mine!  My work schedule during summer, however, is quite a bit busier than it is during other seasons as I'm out on field trips, teaching classes, etc. more often.  Finding the time for my art becomes more of a challenge, but remains a priority. 

If you're a busy artist like me (or simply wanting to create space for art in your life), I challenge you to make time for your art daily (or close to it, if possible) by setting yourself up for success using these five tips! 


Tip #1:

Make space.

I've been known to completely take over dining room tables, coffee tables, floor space, etc. (you name it really) in order to create (more) space for my art.  I seriously take up so much room (without even thinking twice about it) in order to paint or craft, and I even have my own work desk and easel set up already!  My actual workspace/studio that I have permanently set up is about half a bedroom with a desk, paint table, and an easel set up along with lots of drop cloths to cover the carpet. (See my studio tour blog post here!)  I can't express how important space is to a busy artist.  No matter the size of the space, it is such a convenience to be able to leave your supplies out so that it is ready to use as soon as you have time to create.  Making space for your art also helps out because you don't have to clean up your mess after each painting session.  Just leave it out, then clean once a week or so rather than each night.  Definitely a time saver!


Tip #2:

Set aside time.

This tip may seem obvious, but what I mean by "setting time aside" is to actually plan this time out.  Start with 30 minutes a day (set an alarm on your phone if you must) and promise yourself that you'll create during this time.  Work your evening chores, workout, etc. (or whatever you may do after work) around this time so that you can fit everything in.  Once you get used to that schedule, you can gradually begin adding more time to your given amount.  Win, win. 


Tip #3:

Carry a sketchbook.

I have to admit, I'm not very good at keeping up with my sketchbooks. I start them out with the best intentions, then forget I have one and end up buying a new one whenever I decide to start sketching again. This summer, however, I have decided that a sketchbook is a very important aspect of being a busy artist, as it is more portable and easy to squeeze into your spare moments. Have a moment of inspiration that you don't want to forget? Jot it down in the margins of your sketchbook. Although drawing might not be your choice of mediums, it still allows you to fit creative moments into your busy days. Here's a link to the sketchbook I bought for myself this summer (portable so that it can fit into my purse!) and I'll be sure to post some pictures one day when it's more full of life.


Tip #4:

Don't feel guilty.

Taking time for yourself to create shouldn't make you feel guilty. You may think you have more important things you should be doing, however, creativity is always important.  Art brings more life to your days and brings your heart out for the world to see.  That's pretty imperative if you ask me!

 Click the photo to view this print in my etsy shop!

Click the photo to view this print in my etsy shop!


Tip #5:

Stock up on supplies.

Nothing is worse than walking into your creative space with the greatest idea ever for a drawing, painting, etc. and not having the supplies that you intended on using.  Granted, that scenario could lead to some fun experimentation, however, I find it especially necessary to stock up on surfaces for your art. This could be paper, canvases, wood panels...whatever you love to create on, so that you don't have to waste time going to the store or building more canvases each time you want to sit down to paint. I usually keep at least two months worth of canvases and wood panels (or I simply buy/build whenever supplies is on sale) and I'd say I have a years worth of paper supply which allows for plenty of my ideas to come to life anytime I have a spare moment! 

 A stash of shipping supplies and canvases/wood panels in my studio!

A stash of shipping supplies and canvases/wood panels in my studio!


What are your best tips for squeezing art into your busy schedules? Comment below and join me in filling your life with more time for art! 

I hope you all are enjoying this sweet summertime season, happy creating!