Top 10 Reasons to Choose Art as a Career

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First of all, welcome to my new blog!

I'm excited to be sharing personal thoughts, inspirations, new projects, lots of paintings, and so much more here with you all. 

I thought it would be fun to celebrate this new blog by giving you all the main scoop on why I chose to pursue art as a career (part time for now-full time later?) and hopefully encourage some of you to find your inner artist as well! 

All throughout my childhood, if I was asked the ever-so popular question: "What do you want to be when you grow up?" I always answered that I was going to be a teacher. Well, that's definitely still true (although I'm not your traditional school teacher, Boys and Girls Club is where my heart currently lies), it seems as though each year, art squeezes its way in and takes up a larger part of my life. 

I started making art at a young age as you can see below, however I didn't take any official art classes until I attended college. I don't exactly remember the moment when I decided to be an art major and pursue art as a career (as well as getting my K-12 art teacher license as backup) however, the moment I stepped into the art building at Brevard College I remember feeling that I had found a new home. (Special thanks to all my wonderful professors who helped shape my art and guide me through it all!)

After graduating, I knew it would get more difficult to create art unless I really forced myself to do it, and that's exactly when I decided to open an etsy shop, build a website and social media following, and take my art more seriously. As a reflection of my first year in the art "business," here's my top 10 reasons to choose art as a career!


Reason #1

Constant Exploration

Trying new things is a huge part of making art. Your style of art should change and grow as you do, and exploring is essential! Exploring can include trying out new artistic processes, new materials, or new subject matter. Best of all, it can also mean literally exploring new places! Traveling, even small day trips, can be a huge inspiration to your art as you use those experiences to bring your art into a whole new world.

I had the privilege of taking a mixed media class in college and that really encouraged me to experiment with my art, even taking long walks to see what I could find to add into my paintings (rusty paper clips, nails, stamps, pressed flowers, lace, natural pigments). If you love to explore and experiment, don't be afraid to let that become a major part of your artistic process. 


Reason #2

Mistakes into Beauty

Artists must learn the mystery of turning mistakes into something beautiful. This process teaches forgiveness, acceptance, patience, and joy when you see something you didn't like before turn into a true masterpiece. The perfect process to experience often and let spill out into other aspects of life! 


Reason #3

The Process is Never Boring

It's true, I'm not the most organized person in the world. I'm a messy painter and have accidental paint on the majority of my clothes and shoes (and carpet-sorry mom). The process I use to make art is fun, never boring (which causes the mess that I secretly love). As an artist, we get to choose our own process of making art. Each person does things a little differently, creating our own fun. 


Reason #4 


I'm quite the introvert, and usually require lots of time to reflect on experiences. Sometimes I take a walk, write in my journal, or read. For me, however, painting is the perfect way to ponder what I have going on and to think through things. Although some of us choose art as a way of life and making money, it can still remain a passion and personal time to reflect. Just try not to let the stress of actually selling art get in the way of making art. 


Reason #5 

Connection with Others

As an introvert, it can be quite daunting to put yourself and your art out into the world. Knowing that someone might make a personal connection with you and your art serves as huge inspiration. However, it can inspire new friendships as well as new work. Since starting my small art biz about a year and a half ago, I have been surprised, making many meaningful connections with new friends and customers (hello social media and local art fairs!) that I would have never known if it weren't for my art. It truly is amazing when your art resonates with others in a unique way that you hadn't even thought of when creating the piece. 

Reason #6 

Traveling Art

Can I just say that it is SO cool that my art is in many different states and even a couple other countries! Seriously, how neat is that? When you begin selling your art (or even giving it away) your art gets to travel to places that you may have never expected (or heard of) and that is a very cool feeling. 


Reason #7 

A New Home

Making art is a very personal process and connection to each artists' own heart. I believe that a little piece of your heart lies within each masterpiece. That being said, it can be very difficult to let go of some pieces (trust me when I say that I can't let go of many paintings..they have each found a spot in our living room, fortunately, my husband is perfectly accepting of my love for flowers!) When you're selling art, however, it is fun to think of what its new home will be like and how it must bring another person or family a special joy, too. What an honor to have your art chosen to hang in someone else's home! 


Reason #8 


There's a whole community of artists and small creative business owners in this world, and they are truly amazing! When you begin your journey as an artist you may think that you're just one small fish in the sea of so many other talented people. However, you're the only person who can create exactly what you do and the way that you do and the world needs your art! Social media is a great way to connect with the art community as well as your own hometowns. Some days, you'll wonder why you chose the life of a "starving artist" but there's so many people out there ready to support you and help you along the way. Keep striving for the creative life you dream of pursuing. 


Reason #9

Lifelong Learning and Teaching

Although I didn't choose the traditional path of an elementary school teacher like I always thought I would, I still teach every day and love that I am able to inspire others through my art. Throughout my college career, I took the path of becoming an art major with a K-12 art teacher licensure add-on. My professors were constantly reminding us that as teachers (and artists) we are lifelong learners, having the unique privilege of learning from our students while we teach.

Artists have something special to share, and that is not only to teach the history, color theories, and ways of making art, but also to light a spark in other people (of all ages) to find their own artistic voice. When you listen carefully with your ears and your heart, you'll be able to learn from your students, too. 

Reason #10

Sharing your Faith

My faith is a huge aspect of my life, and I thank God every day for the blessings He has given to me. I enjoy talking about it and sharing with others through conversation; however, I've never been too outspoken and enjoy sharing my faith through bold colors, encouragement, and florals (think about how incredible it is that God made all the gorgeous blooms for us to enjoy). God is the ultimate creator, and I know that it is my calling to share the creativity He has given me with the world as well. If you're a person of faith, sharing faith through your art will be a huge blessing to others. 

Your talent is God’s gift to you, what you do with it is your gift back to God.

It truly means the world to me that you have taken the time to read my blog post! I hope it has inspired you in your creative endeavors and I can't wait to see how each of you will bloom into the art world. I am a young artist, and pretty new to the art world as well, however, I hope my thoughts and insights have been helpful and encouraging. 

I'd love to learn from you all and know what inspires you to be an artist, too, so feel free to comment below (click on the blog post header to find a comment block at the bottom of this post).